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Major Group Companies

As of November 14, 2017

Name Capital Operations Established
Resona Bank, Limited JPY279,928 Million Banking and trust banking business May 15, 1918
Saitama Resona Bank, Limited JPY70,000 Million Banking business Aug. 27, 2002
The Kinki Osaka Bank, Ltd. JPY38,971 Million Banking business Nov. 24, 1950
Kansai Mirai Financial Group, Inc. JPY250 Million Supervision of subsidiaries' operations and other ancillary businesses Nov. 14, 2017
Resona Guarantee Co., Ltd. JPY14,000 Million Credit guarantee May 8, 1975
Kinki Osaka Shinyo Hosho Co., Ltd. JPY6,397 Million Credit guarantee Mar. 17, 1995
Resona Kessai Service Co., Ltd. JPY1,000 Million Collection of bills and receivables, and factoring Oct. 25, 1978
Resona Card Co., Ltd. JPY1,000 Million Credit card administration and credit guarantee Feb. 12, 1983
Resona Capital Co., Ltd. JPY5,049 Million Private equity business Mar. 29, 1988
Resona Research Institute Co., Ltd. JPY100 Million Business consulting services Oct. 1, 1986
Resona Asset Management Co., Ltd. JPY1,000 Million Investment management business Aug. 3, 2015
Resona Business Service Co., Ltd. JPY60 Million Business Process Outsourcing Services and Placement Services Oct. 2, 1987
P.T. Bank Resona Perdania IDR405,000 Million Banking business Feb. 1, 1958
Resona Merchant Bank Asia Limited SGD68 Million Financing business and consulting services May 19, 1981
Japan Trustee Services Bank, Ltd. JPY51,000 Million Trust banking business Jun. 20, 2000
NTTDATA SOFIA CORPORATION JPY80 Million System development services Oct. 1, 1983
D&I Information Systems Inc. JPY100 Million System development services Mar. 26, 1998