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CSR Goals

Resona Group CSR Goals for Fiscal Year 2016


Revitalization of the local economy

Medium-term Goal FY2016 Goal

Contribute to the revitalization of the local community through cooperation with guarantee associations, etc.

Contribute to local community revitalization through cooperation with guarantee associations, etc. Funding balance that contributes to local community revitalization: Increase by 10% compared to the previous fiscal year.

Support execution of local versions of the Comprehensive Strategy created by each local government body.

Follow the execution progress of the local versions of the Comprehensive Strategy created by each local government. In addition, continue to offer our company's solution functions such as PPP and PFI for the formulation and execution of the Comprehensive Management Plan for Public Facilities, etc., in which review methods for public facilities and infrastructure, etc., is required.

Community Volunteer Activities by Employees

Medium-term Goal FY2016 Goal

Encourage employees to voluntarily conduct social contribution activities toward the resolution of social issues.

Increase activities by stimulating Re:Heart Club activities.
10% increase from previous year (activities & donations)

Cooperation with NGOs/NPOs

Medium-term Goal FY2016 Goal

Work to solve social issues in cooperation with society.

Study social issues, and carry out activities with appropriate nonprofit organizations.

Community (Next Generation)

Nurturing the Next Generation

Medium-term Goal FY2016 Goal

Create an environment and education sites to develop children's abilities to lead independent lives.

  • Make a more complete financial education curriculum, to assist the independence of children.
  • Develop the scholarship system in the Resona Foundation for Future.

Succession for Assets and Business

Medium-term Goal FY2016 Goal

In response to the diversifying succession and gift needs of our customers, we aim to further deepen and expand our problem-solving business that utilizes financial trust functions.

In order to offer the Resona Group's problem-solving methods that utilize financial trusts to more customers, work to expand and improve agency sales contracts, and sign 3 or more new agency agreements.

Utilize trust functions and succession know-how to meet various inheritance needs of customers.

  • By speedy and detailed handling of diversifying inheritance needs, increase number of testamentary trust customers to 16,000.
  • Work on inter-generational assets succession utilizing Junior NISA, and for customers' stable asset formation. (100,000 Junior NISA accounts)


Diversity Promotion

Medium-term Goal FY2016 Goal

Promote efforts for more widespread diversity management and achievement of a diverse society.

  • Form a workforce population needed for achieving the goal of having 30% of management positions filled by women by 2020.
  • Employ at least the percentage of employees with disabilities that is required by law (2.0%).
  • Strengthen efforts to devise systems for employees of middle-to-advanced age to be able to continue working actively.
  • As part of the Resona Foundation for Future, study and prepare measures to provide career improvement support for single mothers.
  • Promote housing loans for women. (+50 billion yen)
  • Promote reverse mortgage housing loans for the elderly. (+3 billion yen)

Work-Life Balance Promotion

Medium-term Goal FY2016 Goal

Promote firm establishment of a company environment in which people consider that diverse ways of working are natural.

  • Develop environment to support coexistence of work with child raising and care giving, etc.
  • In addition to fundamental operational reform to raise productivity, encourage employees to go home earlier and take vacations, etc., thereby raising awareness for better work-life balance.

Develop Abilities of Employees

Medium-term Goal FY2016 Goal

Foster professional human resources, and reform awareness for diverse career formation.

  • Work to improve training and education programs. Foster human resources with the necessary abilities from the customer's viewpoint.
  • Expand and improve various initiatives to support employees' career formation, and use a home study system, etc., to actively deliver information, thereby supporting various ways of working and independent abilities development.


Environmental Business Promotion

Medium-term Goal FY2016 Goal

15 billion yen balance of environment-related investments (environmental measures funds, etc.).

Aim for 7 billion yen balance of environment-related investments (environmental measures funds, etc.). (20 consultation reception entries)

Work on environmental conservation activities through provision of various environmental business products and services.

  • Encourage environmentally friendly housing loan products. (+3 billion yen)
  • Encourage online loan contracts. (30% more than previous fiscal year)

Environmental Burden Reduction Initiatives

Medium-term Goal FY2016 Goal

Make progress in CO2 reduction.

  • Foster environmental awareness among employees.
  • CO2 emissions: Reduce by 7% compared to FY2009 levels.
  • Copying-paper purchases: Reduce by 3% compared to the FY2015 level.

Environment-Related Social Contribution Activities

Medium-term Goal FY2016 Goal

Continue ongoing environmental conservation initiatives, as a social responsibility of the company.

Increase number of volunteers in cleanup and tree planting activities.

Consider Investment Recipients' Impacts on the Environment and Society

Medium-term Goal FY2016 Goal
  • Refrain from loaning to development projects that cause a major negative impact on the environment.
  • Actively support the environmentally friendly initiatives of borrowers.
Provide and thoroughly follow guidelines set in the “Environmental risk assessment procedures for large projects.”

Human Rights

Human Rights Awareness, Respect for Human Rights

Medium-term Goal FY2016 Goal

Encourage more thorough implementation of the Human Rights Policy and awareness of respect for human rights.

Encourage more thorough implementation of the Human Rights Policy.

  • Create and implement measures for more solid implementation.

Improve human rights awareness study materials.

Improve human rights training.

  • Provide effective study materials for training in departments and branches.
  • Strengthen training to prevent harassment.
  • Devise further awareness activities for respecting human rights of LGBT people.
  • Revise teaching materials on intranet.

Normalization Efforts

Medium-term Goal FY2016 Goal

Enhance efforts for normalization, in order to establish branches and services which all customers can use with ease.

  • Work to improve 3 or more services.
  • Make progress in branch facilities.
    New branches:Excludes branches where efforts were implemented before move
  • Barrier-free conversion: 2 branches (RB×0, SR×0, KO×2)
  • Voice guidance system implementations: 2 branches (RB×2, SR×0, KO×0)
  • New elevator installations: 1 branch (RB×0, SR×1, KO×0)
  • Widely communicate examples of normalization initiatives, and create environments that encourage customers to use branch facilities and services.

Corporate Governance

Governance (System Construction)

Medium-term Goal FY2016 Goal

In accordance with the Basic Policy on Corporate Governance and Basic Policy on Group Internal Controls established by the Resona Group, work to build an excellent corporate governance system that provides effective management supervision functions and contributes to the sustainable growth of the company.

Use the Board of Directors assessment results to further improve effectiveness of our company's corporate governance, focused on the Board of Directors.

Governance (Information Disclosure)

Medium-term Goal FY2016 Goal

Advance constructive discussions with various investors including shareholders (hereinafter "Investors etc."), gain trust and proper evaluation, and tie this to sustainable growth and medium and long term increase in value.

  • Establish a wide range of opportunities for discussions with Investors etc.
  • Based on items that Investors etc. are interested in, work to improve disclosure materials.
  • Issue an integrated report that integrates financial and non-financial information.
  • Broaden forums for communication with individual shareholders, help them understand the Resona Group, and increase the number of long term shareholders.
  • Strive for timely information disclosure, and deliver more appropriate and easy-to-understand information.

Risk Management

Medium-term Goal FY2016 Goal

Continually strengthen the risk management system in order to maintain soundness of management and to support group business operations.

In addition to providing high-quality services to customers, maintain the soundness of management by working to prevent risks before they emerge.


Thorough and Widespread Compliance

Medium-term Goal FY2016 Goal

Further improve the compliance awareness of executives and employees through continuous awareness and training activities, in order to be a company that is trusted by society.

Through various training activities on the Conduct Guidelines, work to further improve the compliance awareness of executives and employees. Survey employee awareness to measure effectiveness, and work to improve issues.

Prevent Transactions with Anti-Social Forces

Medium-term Goal FY2016 Goal

While considering laws, regulations and requirements inside and outside Japan, make more advanced and stronger systems to prevent transactions with anti-social forces, to reduce financial crimes occurrence and damages.

Strengthen alerting customers at counters, countermeasures against illicit use of internet banking, and the financial crime prevention system.

Consumer Issues/Customer Service

Strengthen Communication with Customers

Medium-term Goal FY2016 Goal

Actively use customer comments and employee proposals, and work to improve products and services. Actively create opportunities for interaction, which form the core of efforts to communicate with the local community.

  • Implement at least 3 service improvement initiatives based on opinions and requests of customers.
  • Hold periodic seminars 6 or more times, to create a forum for communication not only between the bank and customers, but also between customers themselves.

Improve Products and Services

Medium-term Goal FY2016 Goal

To solve the issues of each individual customer, and meet a wide range of needs, improve branch service abilities, develop new and revise existing products and services etc.

  • Aim to improve customer satisfaction assessments by external surveyors.
  • Carry out role-playing exercises at each location.

Customer needs should be actively communicated upwards from branches to headquarters, and quickly reflected in policies.

  • Use capital investment interviews to quickly handle capital funding needs. (Once per year)
  • Hold 12 business talks etc. per year, to actively support the main business of a customer.

Implement fiduciary duty actions to ensure the stable asset formation of customers. (*fiduciary duty: performing a wide range of roles and responsibilities on behalf of another individual, acting with said individual's trust)

  • Use seminars to provide appropriate advice for stable asset formation of customers. (100 seminars)
  • In accordance with the spirit of fiduciary duty, provide new investment products and services that meet customer needs.