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CSR Results and Assessment

CSR Goals, Results and Assessment for Fiscal Year 2015 by each issue of the Resona Group CSR policy.

Item Assessment Standard (for goals set in the beginning of the term)
  • Specific goals were set and achieved.
  • Specific results were accomplished.
  • Implemented initiatives. (No specific numbers or results)
  • Goals were not achieved, but obtained better results than the previous fiscal year.
  • Goals were not achieved.

Corporate Governance

Information Disclosure

FY2015 Goal FY2015 Result Assessment

To realize the creation of a superior corporate governance attitude that guarantees the effectiveness of management supervisory functions, proactively disclose information regarding company management in an easy-to-understand way, and increase the transparency and objectivity of management.

  • We established a basic approach and its framework, as well as the operation-related policy in our "Basic Policy on Corporate Governance," and disclosed its content.
  • The Resona Group implemented all principles of the Corporate Governance Code, and actively explained our corporate governance-related initiatives through disclosure of documents, external speeches, etc.
  • Awarded "2015 Corporate Governance of the Year" by the Japan Association of Corporate Directors.

Risk Management

FY2015 Goal FY2015 Result Assessment

In addition to providing high-quality services to customers, maintain the soundness of management by working to prevent risks.

In addition to providing high-quality services to customers, we have worked on preventing risks that would impact sound management managed operations to contain major types of risks within the bounds of core capital in order to secure and maintain the soundness of management.

Human Rights

Respect for Human Rights

FY2015 Goal FY2015 Result Assessment

In order to realize an even greater commitment of the Group Human Rights Policy, the following measures will be implemented.

  1. 1)Improvement of human rights training Further improve human rights training in order to respect the basic human rights of all stakeholders including customers and employees.

    • In principle, all employees will take human rights training at least once a year.
    • Revise training texts to be easier to read and understand.
    • Provide a training program (training materials) that matches the needs of the times.
    • To create a workplace with no harassment, continue to implement educational activities such as training.
  2. 2)Human rights educational activities other than training Collect human rights effort slogans and commend the best ones.

  1. 1)Improvement of human rights training

    • All employees received the following human rights training.
      "human rights of persons with disabilities" video training, "sexual harassment prevention" training, and "harassment prevention" e-learning (sexual harassment 1 time, power harassment 1 time)
    • Revised training text to be easier to understand; used for training of new employees, new managers, and recruiters.
    • In response to the 2014 enactment of the Act for Eliminating Discrimination against Persons with Disabilities, developed training materials that incorporate a paradigm shift in ways of thinking about disabilities, and the policy guidelines of agencies with jurisdiction.
    • Our Group Human Rights Policy was revised to include the latest human rights issues: human rights of LGBT people and persons with disabilities, various forms of harassment, etc.
  2. 2)Human rights educational activities other than training

    • Human rights effort slogans were submitted, and outstanding works were submitted to the Japanese Bankers Association. Five were selected as outstanding.


FY2015 Goal FY2015 Result Assessment

Enhance approaches to normalization in order to make our branches and services easily available to all customers.

  1. 1)Enhancements in services
    At least 3 projects
  2. 2)Improvements in branch facilities

New branches

  • Barrier-free conversion: 6 branches(RB×5、SR×0、KO×1)
  • Voice guidance system implementations: 3 branches(RB×3、SR×0、KO×0)

Existing branches

  • Voice guidance system implementations: 4 branches(RB×4、SR×0、KO×0) 
  • New elevator installations: 3 branches (RB×1、SR×2、KO×0)

Took initiatives to establish branches and services which all customers can use safely and with ease.

  1. 1)Enhancements in services
    Placement of automated external defibrillators (AED) in all branches
  2. 2)Improvements in branch facilities

New branches

  • Barrier-free conversions: 9 branches (RB×7, SR×0, KO×2)
  • Voice guidance system implementations: 4 branches (RB×4, SR×0, KO×0)

Existing branches

  • Barrier-free conversions: 5 branches (RB×5, SR×0, KO×0)
  • Slope renovations: 2 branches (RB×2, SR×0, KO×0)
  • New elevator installations: 9 branches (RB×1, SR×2, KO×0)


Diversity Promotion

FY2015 Goal FY2015 Result Assessment

Thrive to create a workplace where employees understand and recognize each other and able to unleash their potentials.

  • Take initiatives to reach the best-efforts goal set by Japan’s Cabinet Office of “having 30% of management positions filled by women by 2020”
  • Strengthen efforts to devise systems for middle-to-advanced-aged employees to continuously work actively
  • Secure higher percentage of employees with disabilities than is required by law (2.0%)
  • Worked toward having 30% of management positions filled by women by 2020, and reached 23.7% in fiscal 2015.
  • Built a composite support system for employees of middle-to-advanced age: provided various seminars by age group, implemented the Meister System as a model for certifying veteran employees, etc.
  • Secured higher percentage of employees with disabilities than is required by law (2.0%) again in FY2015.

Work Environment

FY2015 Goal FY2015 Result Assessment
  • Enhance productivity and promote leave on time to improve working environment
  • Further energize the workplace by spreading the idea that diversity raises organizational strength
  • Leave work earlier: Achieved 1.7 minutes less average overtime work per day at 3 group banks.
  • Regularly communicated the importance of a working environment where diverse human resources can work together, and implemented policies to achieve that (leave work earlier, encourage taking vacations, etc.).

People Development

FY2015 Goal FY2015 Result Assessment
  • Strengthen training and development programs to develop professionals in all areas of operations
  • Enhance various kinds of initiatives to support career building for employees
  • In addition to continual expansion and improvements in various training programs, began providing the "My Study," an independent study tool in April 2015, and contributed to smooth return to the workplace for people who took maternity leave.
  • To help people obtain specialized knowledge, boosted scholarships and greatly expanded and improved classes to obtain the Real Estate Broker and Financial Planner grade 1 qualifications.
  • Aiming to support career formation support for youth, held career seminars at the headquarters in Tokyo and Osaka, and contributed to increasing the number of career entry candidates.


Permeation of Corporate Ethics

FY2015 Goal FY2015 Result Assessment

Further improve compliance knowledge of all employees through continuous initiatives and education on permeation of corporate ethics and on compliance with laws and regulations, to be a company trusted by society.

Provided educational programs to raise each employee’s awareness of compliance with the aim of permeating the Resona STANDARD, our codes of conduct for employees, throughout the company.

Elimination of Anti-social Forces/Money Laundering Prevention

FY2015 Goal FY2015 Result Assessment

Fulfill social responsibilities as a financial institution by reinforcing systems to eliminate transactions with anti-social forces and prevent money laundering.

Cooperated with police, lawyers, etc., on working to eliminate transactions with anti-social forces. Coordinated with the police and the Japanese Bankers Association to strengthen systems to prevent money laundering.

Financial Crime Prevention

FY2015 Goal FY2015 Result Assessment

Protect customers’ assets by raising customers’ awareness on financial crimes and strengthening measures to prevent financial crimes such as improper use of Internet banking.

Continued taking countermeasures against illicit use of internet banking, and cooperated with police in a campaign to actively communicate to customers to prevent fraud.

Consumer Issues/Customer Service

Explanation to Customers

FY2015 Goal FY2015 Result Assessment

Further enhance the system to manage explanations to customers, in order to provide appropriate products and services to customers.

In addition to providing a line of products that match customer needs, improved rules and tools, and provided training to further solidify solicitation and sales appropriate for each individual customer's life plan and investment goals.

Information Management

FY2015 Goal FY2015 Result Assessment

To strengthen the customer information retention and management rules, continue to implement measures such as improving education and training based on the implementation and revision of related laws and regulations and monitoring document management rules.

In order to strengthen the management system to prevent the loss and/or leakage of customer information, we provided training at all workplaces and trough e-learning, DVDs, etc. We also worked to reinforce appropriate handling of information, by raising the awareness of each employee, and strengthening monitoring.

Service Reforms

FY2015 Goal FY2015 Result Assessment

Implement at least 5 service improvement initiatives based on opinions and requests of customers.

  • Surveyed over 100,000 customers (across the three Group companies).
  • As a result of employee proposals and the customer comments collected in this survey, the following improvements in products and services were implemented.
  1. 1)Expansion of mutual use services in group banks.
  2. 2)More branches open 365 days per year.
  3. 3)Began accepting Resona Club applications online.
  4. 4)Raised the investment trust purchase limit in Internet banking (My Gate).
  5. 5)Began handling mail order format applications for NISA Accounts and Junior NISA Accounts.

Operational Reforms

FY2015 Goal FY2015 Result Assessment

Work to further improve security and convenience of transactions to offer quick and accurate service as a group.
Begin accepting various 3-bank-compatible ordinary bank account procedures and applications.

The following transactions were mutually opened between 3 banks.
  • Procedures for changes or loss, balance statement issuance.
  • Common pass books, savings account deposit transactions and account cancellations.

Provision of Solutions to Customers

FY2015 Goal FY2015 Result Assessment

In order to solve individual customer problems and answer a broad variety of needs, enhanced measures will be taken, such as the development of new products and services and improvement to functionality of existing products and services, offering high-quality financial services.

  • Investment Trust Management Company Establishment: Established Resona Asset Management to provide investment services in the form of investment trusts for professionals that we have developed as a trust bank to a wide range of customers throughout our group network.
  • Common Trust Products: Based on My Proposal activities, we established a system of files that allows customers to manage and store application documents and others as a set.
  • Education Trust: We began handling account statement payments (improving customer convenience), and centralized part of the payment paperwork to headquarters (shorter wait time).
  • Heart Trust: Reduced trust fees paid by testamentary trust policyholder (*fees that the Resona Group receives).
  • My Trust: Expanded branch authority handling to speed up project selection, and revised applications to achieve improved convenience for customers.
  • To contribute to solving the issues of each individual customer, we set up various funds, achieving a balance that was 27.7% higher than the previous year.

Provision of Opportunities for Development/Education

FY2015 Goal FY2015 Result Assessment

Promote initiatives for realizing customers’ dreams and achieving life plans through seminars and for children financial education

  • Asset management seminars: 20 seminars
  • Financial and economic education for children (Summer Vacation Resona Kids’ Money Academy): about 4,000 participants
  • Investment report meetings for customers of each branch were held 42 times.
  • Large scale fund investment seminars were held a total of 20 times in Tokyo and Osaka.
  • Resona Kids Money Academy was held 221 times, with 4,496 participants.


Regional Contribution

FY2015 Goal FY2015 Result Assessment

Contribute to local society by cooperating with the local society in various activities, and supporting revitalization of local economy

  • Assistance in the development of new products, support for recruiting activities, business matching events, etc.; at least 6 initiatives to contribute to local society
  • To contribute to the revitalization of local economies, we cooperated with local governments and credit guarantee associations, and handled a variety of institutional financing.
  • The balance of each guarantee association system was 7.6% higher than the previous year, on a handled results basis.
  • Implemented 8 initiatives to contribute to local communities.

Social Contribution

FY2015 Goal FY2015 Result Assessment

Encourage employees to voluntarily conduct social contribution activities toward the resolution of social issues

  • Increase participation in donation scheme: +150 people
  • Increase the number of activities
  • Same number of participants in donation collections, with fewer number of activities.
    5,539 people participated both in FY2014 and FY2015.
    435 activities were conducted in 2015 (decreased by 178 from 613 in FY2014)


Environmental Management

FY2015 Goal FY2015 Result Assessment

Actively conduct various environmental conservation activities, such as environmental load reduction, in accordance with environmental management systems under ISO14001

  • Reduce CO2 emissions (per unit of output) 6% compared to FY2009 levels
  • Restrain copy-paper purchases within the FY2014 levels
  • CO2 emissions were reduced.
    FY2015: 69,413t-CO2. 16,758 t-CO2 less than FY2009.
  • Copying-paper purchases were reduced.
    FY2015: 403 tons. 36 tons less than FY2014.

Environmental Conservation through Our Core Business

FY2015 Goal FY2015 Result Assessment
  • Reduce paper-based bank-transfer transactions below FY2014 levels
  • Internet banking transactions: 600,000 transactions
  • Promote loan activities that take environment considerations into account: increase over FY2014 levels
  • The total % of Paper-based bank-transfer transactions decreased.
    1.68% in FY2015 while 1.75% in FY2014
  • The number of Internet banking transactions decreased.
    7.4 million in FY 2015 (decreased by 680,000 from 8.08 million in FY2014)
  • Loan activities that take environment considerations into account increased.
    121,493M in FY2015 (increased from 87,446M in FY2014)

Environmental Communication

FY2015 Goal FY2015 Result Assessment

Take initiatives to further increase awareness about environmental issues by providing information on the environment to customers and employees

  • Environmental training: companywide
  • Go-home-early day: 12 days
  • Environmental training provided: Company-wide (e-learning)
  • Adopted Go-home-early day at all branches: 12 days (one day in each month)