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IR Presentations

Fiscal Year 2017

Sep. 7, 2017

Presentation material for “Merrill Lynch Japan Conference 2017”

Business Results for the 1Q of FY2017 and Outline of the New Midium-term Management Plan (PDF:2.06MB)

Jul. 31, 2017

Financial Results for the First Quarter of FY2017

Financial Highlights for the First Quarter of FY2017 (PDF:390KB)

  • *Above material includes the new updates on capital adequacy ratio (Page 11) added to the original material announced on July 31, 2017
Jul. 2017

Investor Presentation

Business Results for FY2016 and Midium-term Management Plan(PDF:2.54MB)

May 19, 2017

Presentation material for the investor relations meeting

Video Archive of Investor Relations Meeting

Business Results for FY2016 and Medium-term Management Plan (PDF:2.00MB)

May 12, 2017

Financial Results for Fiscal Year 2016

Financial Highlights for Fiscal Year 2016 (PDF:446MB)

Feb. 2017

Investor Presentation

Aiming at Becoming No.1 Retail Bank (PDF:2.31MB)

Apr. 28, 2017

Investor Presentation

Medium-term Management Plan - Change to the "Next" - (PDF:381KB)