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To enlarge the trust from its customers and the public, the Resona Group is strongly aware of the social responsibilities and public mission of financial institutions and defines compliance as the strict observance not only of laws and regulations but also social norms. Therefore, the Resona Group has positioned compliance as a key management issue and is working to implement effectively and enhance the compliance systems of the Group as a whole.

Basic Activities

The Resona Group has established its Corporate Mission, which forms the basis for the judgments and behavior of directors and employees; the Resona Way (the Resona Group Corporate Promises), which outlines the basic stance, based on the Corporate Mission, that directors and employees should take toward all Group stakeholders; and the Resona Standards (the Resona Group's Behavior Guidelines), specific guidelines about behavior expected from directors and employees under the Corporate Mission and the Resona Way. The Corporate Mission, the Resona Way, and the Resona Standards are applied uniformly across Group companies.

The introduction to the Resona Standards is "Aiming to Be a Good Company," a message from the top management. It takes a clear stance on compliance at the Resona Group, stating that corporate ethics must be improved, and identifies the most-important issues as 1) what the company can do for society as a member of society and 2) continuing to be a company that practices compliance.

Moreover, Resona Holdings and the Group companies have prepared a Basic Compliance Policy, which makes clear, from a compliance point of view, the roles of directors and employees as well as a basic framework for organizational systems based on the Corporate Mission and other statements. To put compliance into practice, we have also prepared a Compliance Manual that is distributed to all employees.

Group Management Systems

Group Compliance Management Systems

The Compliance Division at Resona Holdings controls Group compliance and works with compliance divisions at Group companies to strengthen compliance systems Group-wide. In addition, the Group has formed a Group Compliance Committee composed of Resona Holdings, Group banks, and affiliated companies as a member, which discusses and evaluates all issues related to Group compliance.

Resona Group Compliance Systems

Systems for Protecting Group Customers

These days, amid such challenging environments as increasing investment needs from customers, the sophistication of information management required of businesses, and the development of such laws as the Act on the Protection of Personal Information and the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act, financial institutions must strive harder than ever before to provide customers with proper responses and improve user-friendliness, to ensure that customers can use their services with peace of mind. Therefore, Resona Holdings and Group banks are working energetically to make improvements to their explanations to customers, responses to customer inquiries and complaints, the management of customer information, the management of outsourcers to which they have consigned operations, the management of conflicting interests in banking transactions on the part of Group banks and their customers, and other areas related to providing better responses and user-friendliness for customers.

Specifically, we have clearly defined the departments and individuals responsible for improving responses to and user-friendliness for customers. The Group Compliance Committee, of which these responsible divisions and individuals are members, discusses and deliberates initiatives for raising customer trust and improving user-friendliness.

Compliance Programs

The member companies of the Resona Group have prepared compliance programs for putting guidelines into everyday action that follow policies indicated by Resona Holdings. Progress reports on compliance matters are made periodically to the boards of directors of Group member companies, and Group companies undertake activities on their own initiative to systematically strengthen compliance systems.

Compliance Advisory Resources

Resona Legal Counsel Hotline and Resona Compliance Hotline

We recognize an understanding of the issues and clear communication among all employees are essential to a strong compliance system; therefore, we have established Group compliance advice and reporting systems using the Resona Legal Counsel Hotline and the Resona Compliance Hotline.

Moving forward, we will make continuous efforts to ensure that the systems take root while working to detect compliance issues early and create a transparent corporate culture.

Resona Accounting Audit Hotline

Resona Holdings has established the Resona Accounting Audit Hotline for reporting fraudulent or improper processing related to accounting or accounting-related internal controls and internal audits.

Resona Accounting Audit Hotline

  1. 1.Reporting Items

    • Problems concerning internal controls and audits of accounts and financial reports
  2. 2.Conventional mail and e-mail

    • Midosuji Legal Profession Corporation
    • Address

      Tokyo Office

      F20 Kasumigaseki Bldg., 3-2-5 Kasumigaseki, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan 100-6020

      Osaka Office

      F2 Osaka Toyota Bldgs., 4-3-11 Minamisemba, Chuo-ku, Osaka, Japan 542-0081


  3. 3.Note

  4. When reporting information, please pay attention as follows :

    • Please include detailed information with respect to the matter.
    • Anonymous information is accepted.
    • Without detailed factual information, there are some cases where we have a limit for investigations.
    • No information on persons making such reports is disclosed to third parties except in cases where such disclosure is required under laws etc.
    • Please submit reports in Japanese or English.
    • When reported matters are within the scope of the reporting items, we will make reasonable efforts to report back the result of the investigation, but cannot promise to do so in all instances.

Management of Customer Information

The protection of customer information is one of the most-important factors in enabling customers to use the Resona Group with peace of mind. We strive to properly manage information in compliance with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information by publicizing the Promise to Protect Personal Information of All Group Companies, establishing a framework for protecting against leaks or the loss of personal information, and conducting ongoing and thorough employee education.

Elimination of Anti-Social Forces

The Resona Group believes that preventing and eradicating transactions with anti-social forces are critically important to its public mission and social responsibility as a financial institution. Our basic approach is not to engage in transactions with anti-social forces and to prevent them from intervening in transactions with customers through the corporate activities of Resona Holdings and other Group companies.

The Resona Group has established the following principles to follow as regards anti-social forces: "Respond as an organization," "Collaborate with external specialist organizations," "Eliminate all relationships whatsoever with such forces, including transactions," "In emergency situations respond under civil and criminal codes," and "Forbid all provision of favors, behind the scenes transactions, and provision of financing." The Resona Group has designated its compliance divisions of each Group company as the departments responsible for countering anti-social forces and has set specific internal rules and regulations, as well as providing ongoing training and education on these compliance issues for directors and employees. To prevent and nullify transactions with anti-social forces, we have formed cooperative relationships with law-enforcement agencies, law firms, and other professional organizations.

Moreover, Resona Group banks have taken more stringent steps to suspend transactions with anti-social forces by introducing a rule to ensure that we receive pledges with clauses (known as the "exclusion of anti-social forces clause") from our customers at the beginning of transactions stating that they currently do not and will not have connections with anti-social forces.

The pledges with such clauses provide a legal basis for the dissolution of the transactions in the event the customer breaks the pledge and is found to be connected with anti-social forces.

Anti-Money Laundering / Counter Financing of Terrorism

With reference to AML / CFT, international regulations have been tightening particularly in recent years where the Resona Group also is working to ensure thorough prevention.

As part of its commitment, we disclose AML / CFT Policy for better understanding of our policies and systems.

Anti-Money Laundering and Counter Financing of Terrorism Policy

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