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Basic Approach to Communities

Under its Corporate Mission, "To Develop Further with Regional Societies," the Resona Group complies with social rules as a matter of course, but it also wants broad recognition of its reason for being. To this end, we are continuing our efforts to contribute to local communities as a good corporate citizen.

Community Support through Financial Services

Fund to Encourage Local Enterprises

To provide a smooth flow of financing to local SMEs and individual proprietorships, contribute to stabilizing their cash flows, and support companies in growing industries, the Resona Group banks provide and are actively marketing a wide range of financial products.

Education on Finance and Economics

Resona Kids' Money Academy 2015

Every year, mainly during the summer vacation, the Resona Group holds the "Resona Kids' Money Academy," a financial and economic education activity for children. Through original quizzes and games developed by employees, the seminars teach children about the role of banks and the flow of money through society. This educational program for children has been sponsored by the Group since 2005. The Group is continuing to work to improve this program by developing new curricula and many kinds of collaborative efforts with regional companies and organizations.

Events in FY2018

Events held: 228 Participants: 3,929 children

Economics Koshien

Economics Koshien

The Resona Group worked together with the Association for the Promotion of Financial Literacy to hold three regional tournaments in Tokyo, Saitama,Osaka and Shiga for the All Japan High School Economics Quiz Tournament known as “Economics Koshien.” By thinking about and solving real life economics problems, this is an opportunity to make the high school students aware of the importance of having the intellectual ability needed for life in society, instead of merely obtaining knowledge.

Number of Participants in FY2018

  • A total of 98 teams (194 people) participated in 4 tournaments

Award Ceremony at All Japan Culture Festival for Schools for the Disabled

Since 1994, the Resona Group has supported the efforts of the All Japan School for the Disabled Culture Federation and displayed the blue-ribbon award (art, calligraphy, photography) projects. In February 2016, the ceremony was held for the 22st time at the Resona Tokyo Head Office and approximately 120 recipients and related parties were present.

Contribution Activities for Global Communities

Support Services for Entering Overseas Markets

The Resona Research Institute has prepared a menu of consulting services for assisting businesses in solving management problems based on its original know-how and concepts that have been developed through a wide range of consulting projects. These services, which include providing support for the increasingly important task of entering overseas markets and reviewing existing overseas business operations, are of assistance to corporate clients of virtually all sizes and industries and help them to raise their international competitiveness to world-class levels.

Examples of Consulting Services

  • Advice on entering overseas markets (business planning, feasibility studies, etc.)
  • Purchasing equity interests or selling/liquidating existing operations
  • Due diligence for overseas subsidiaries, corporate valuation
  • Structuring of management and internal control systems
  • Monthly monitoring of management indicators
  • Reviews of joint venture systems

Activities of Overseas Locations that Contribute to the Community

Donation Programs

Each year, Bank Resona Perdania donates funds through its donation program to the Bandung Japanese School.
Donations are also being made to the environmental education activities at the University of Palangka Raya.

Financial Education Programs

Resona Perdania Bank provides a Financial Education Program for local residents and high schools. The Financial Education Program has three aims: “Support society through bank transactions,” “Understand various bank products and services,” and “Understand profits and costs created by bank transactions such as interest.” This matches the pillars of finance, including Bank Indonesia. This is recently also working to boost awareness about money laundering problems and terrorism countermeasures.

Overseas Human Resource Development Support

The Resona Group, strengthening ties between Japan and the global community, offers scholarships to support overseas human resource development.

Resona Bank The University of Hong Kong
Resona Bank The Chinese University of Hong Kong