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Human Resource System

Resona Bank and Saitama Resona Bank updated their human resource system in April 2021. The goal of these updates is for each and every employee to grow as a professional in response to the changing business climate, while also considering such conventional aims of promotion of diversity management and fostering of professionals in each field.

Within this human resource system, in order for employees to aspire to become professionals in various fields, we have established the Career Track System comprising a total of 19 tracks (*20 tracks from April 2023) categorized by business field and we have introduced the Selective Retirement System where employees can select mandatory retirement between the ages of 60 and 65 to ensure they have the option to work in their 60s.

We have already introduced the Smart Employee System where employees can limit working hours or the scope of their work and the Home Base System where employees define the home base of their job.

Through these systems, we will support the professional growth and self-realization of our diverse pool of talent as well as provide evaluations and compensation along with hiring and promotion of the right people for the right job not tied to age. We are committed to supporting each employee in their independent career development and providing diverse work-styles so that all can achieve work-life balance.

  1. *1.Senior Smart Employee: A designation when an employee selects their mandatory retirement year and is re-hired (limit working hours)
  2. *2.Smart Employee: A permanent employee who can limit working hours or scope of work compared to other employees
  3. *3.Partner Employee: part-timer, etc

Independent Career Development

Resona Bank and Saitama Resona Bank have introduced various career development support systems and skill development programs for all employees (including part-time and contract employees) so that their diverse workforce can choose a career of their own volition, enhance their abilities and skills, and grow as professionals.

Career Development Support Systems

Career Track System (Reporting of Desired Career Track)

Under the Career Track System, each employee designates the business field (career track) they wish to grow into as a professional. To support independent career choices, we hold career events where departments responsible introduce and explain the work of each career track, provide support using career advisors*, and offer training mainly intended to provide insight into career development.

  • *Human resources with career consultant qualifications are appointed to the Career Development Support Office as career advisors in order to address various career-related inquiries from employees.

Post Challenge System

This system provides opportunities to ambitious employees to actively advance their careers by allowing for human resources to be openly recruited within the company required for a broad range of fields, such as training inside and outside the company and new projects.

Free Agent System

Employees with a certain personnel evaluation, such as high performers, are granted free agent status, where they can freely select their desired work and department, providing opportunities for self-realization.

Skills Development Programs

Training for Employees

Career Track Focused Training System

We have established a career track focused training system covering a total of 20 tracks for employees to develop and master the professional skills required of each so that they can aspire to become professionals in their chosen area of expertise under the Career Track System.

Leadership Training

We provide training to employees ranked manager and above to improve the skills required of organizational leaders. Specifically, there is new manager training for newly promoted employees to master skills for leading a team, new general manager training for building the skills needed to lead an entire organization with a vision, and selective training for fostering the next-generation of senior management.

Career Development Training

We conduct regular career development training as a way to support employees in their career journey. Soon after joining the company, new employees undergo training to foster awareness toward self-guided career development. Later, based on age group, employees are given opportunities to think about their career path to reconsider their career or pursue a second career based on life events or their previous professional experience. This fosters awareness among employees to develop their own careers independently and with a long-term perspective.

Employee Training in FY2022

Item Examples of training Cumulative participants Total training hours

All training

All training excluding in-house e-learning



(Leadership and Rank-based Training)

New general manager training, etc.



(Career development training)

Career design seminar, etc.



(Professional skills training)

Credit training, financial instruments training, etc.



  • *Total for Resona Bank and Saitama Resona Bank
  • *In terms of operational training, we conduct training on customer protection and other topics every year for all employees who have contact with customers, and we plan and implement various training programs to enhance their specialized skills.

Supporting Self Improvement

We supply various training and learning contents as a self-improvement tool for employees to develop the common skills required of many career tracks. To support employees in obtaining a qualification, we have developed preparatory seminars and offer cash bonuses to those who obtain a qualification. In this manner, we are supporting employees in their journey of continual learning, mastery of know-how, and skills development.

Application-based training Employees apply to participate in internal training programs or be dispatched to outside training programs
Learning contents Various online learning tools
Language learning programs Various language learning programs, such as reading and writing, etc.
Preparatory seminars for obtaining qualifications Financial planner certification, real estate notary license, etc.

At-home Learning System

We have put into place the At-home Learning System as a tool for each and every employee of the Group to learn independently anytime and anywhere and foster a culture where employees are motivated to learn on their own. This system provides videos on business skills required for a broad range of careers. Participants can also view Group video news and browse information disseminated internally. In addition to supporting employees’ self improvement, this system is also utilized as part of the Job Return Support System for supporting employees returning to work from childcare or family care leave.