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Environmental Conservation through Our Core Business

Funds for Corporations

We have prepared various funding systems to meet the fundraising needs of businesses that undertake environmental conservation activities and install environmentally friendly equipment.

SRI Fund for Company Pensions

Resona Bank has previously established its “Global SRI” fund, which invests in ESG-friendly* foreign companies, etc., aimed for company pension funds. There are few other SRI funds that invest in foreign stocks, aimed at company pensions in Japan; thus our Global SRI provides a wider range of choices for pension investments.

  • *ESG: Abbreviation of Environmental, Social, Corporate Governance

Supporting the Creation of Environmental Real Estate in Partnership with the “Re-Seed Association

The Resona Group has signed a partnership agreement with the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism and the “Re-Seed Association (Real Estate Sustainability & Energy-Efficiency Diffusion Association).” This partnership supports the creation of high quality real estate that is earthquake resistant and has high environmental performance, and which contributes to the revitalization of local communities.

Green Finance Initiatives

The Resona Group is working toward a sustainable society together with its customers through constructive dialogue on the themes of environmental and social issues and other measures.

In terms of the environment, we are actively working to take action with society to reduce environmental burden such as accelerating the use of renewable energy and reducing greenhouse gas emissions, in an effort to achieve a low-carbon and circular society.

As part of these activities we are also focusing on initiatives in green finance.