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Initiatives for Children

The Resona Group recognizes the importance of respecting children's rights as stipulated in "Children's Rights and Business Principles," and is working with local communities on a variety of initiatives to nurture the children who will lead the next generation.

Financial and Economic Education

We offer financial and economic education for elementary, junior high and high school students under the three basic policies, “fostering children with basic human skills,” “creating development opportunities with local communities” and “bottom-up development linked to the sustainable growth of companies.”

Results in FY2020

Number of times held 16
Number of participants 565
  • *Total for outreach classes, workplace experiences, Resona Teens’ Money Academy
  • *Aggregated on a reporting basis
Education on Finance and Economics

Resona's Philosophy of Financial and Economic Education for Children

Fostering the children with basic human skills who will lead the next generation

  • One thing we must face in life is the way to deal with money.
  • We believe that the way to deal with money is to learn where the money that provides our livelihood comes from and where it goes, and to learn the significance of working and earning money, the importance of work and the importance of money.
  • After understanding the flow of money, we will take it one step further and teach how to deal with money as a basic human skills to make their dreams come true by understanding the economic trends and the mechanism of finance.

Contributing to create children's development opportunities with local communities

  • The opportunity to acquire a variety of literacy skills in the real world is very important children's rights.
  • The variety of literacies are provided by various organizations such as companies and NPOs and we believe that learning about interrelationships among them in a three-dimensional manner will lead to the power of life.
  • As a financial institution that plays an important role in revitalizing the local communities, we will contribute as a coordinator that connects various stakeholders that surround us and create opportunities to foster children with the local communities.

Developing as a bottom-up activity that leads to sustainable development of the company

  • As a part of our corporate social responsibility activities, we need to ensure that our activities contribute to the sustainable development of the company.
  • Through this activity, which was born from the voices of employees, most of the employees who are responsible for this activity have felt a sense of accomplishment and improved communication within the workplace, which is difficult to obtain in their normal work, and this has become the driving force for the growth of this activity.
  • Through this continuous and proactive activity, we aim to improve employee motivation and achieve sustainable development of the company.

Resona Kids' Money Academy

Every year, during the summer vacation, the Resona Group holds the "Resona Kids' Money Academy," a financial and economic education activity for children. Through original quizzes and games developed by employees, the seminars teach children about the role of banks and the importance of money. Since its inception in 2005, more than 40,000 children have taken part over the past 15 years, making it a summertime tradition of the Resona Group. In FY2020, we conducted the seminars online.

Results in FY2021(as of the end of September 2021)

Number of times held 10
Participants 1,579
  • *Including Mirai Kids’ Money Academy
Resona Kids' Money Academy

Resona Teens' Money Academy

In 2018, we started Resona Teens’ Money Academy for junior high school students, where Resona Group employees visit junior high schools in their community to teach classes on finance and the economy using original curriculum, offering a unique perspective as bankers.

With the objective of fostering the ability to live independently in society, classes involve slideshow presentations, dialogue and group work involving the mechanisms of finance and the economy actually at work in the world to teach participants to have a good relationship with money.

Results in FY2020

Number of times held 1
Participants 48
Resona Teens' Money Academy

Economics Koshien

Working with the NPO Association for the Promotion of Financial Literacy, we held four regional tournaments for the Economics Koshien, a finance and economy quiz tournament for high school students nationwide, at venues in Tokyo, Saitama, Osaka and Shiga. By answering questions about the actual economy, the tournament serves as an opportunity for students to not only gain knowledge, but also recognize the importance of literacy required for living in society. In FY2020, we hosted the Saitama tournament online.

Results in FY2021

Teams 25
Participants 50
Economics Koshien

Children’s 110

Many of the Group’s staffed branches carry out Children’s 110 activities where children can seek help in case they are in trouble. Many branches extend their teller business hours for the benefit of children’s safety when returning home from school.

Awards Ceremony for the National Federation of Special Needs Schools’ Arts Festival

The Resona Group has supported the activities of the National Federation of Special Needs Schools’ Arts Festival since 1994 and we have displayed the winning works (sculpture, art, calligraphy and photography) from the Arts Festival held every year. From 2014, we began hosting an annual awards ceremony for the nationwide winners, and we are fostering engagement with prize winners and their families through in-house tours of the display. In FY2020, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we held an exhibition of the winning works without hosting an awards ceremony. In addition, we sent a congratulatory video message and congratulatory notes written by exhibition attendees to the winners.

Awards Ceremony


The employee cafeterias at the Resona Group headquarters (Tokyo and Osaka) and Saitama Resona Bank headquarters participate in the TABLE FOR TWO initiative, where 20 yen is donated to school lunch costs in emerging countries from the proceeds of every healthy menu item purchased. To date, we have raised more than 20 million yen in donations.