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Social Contribution Activities

The Resona Group has established a medium-term vision with an emphasis on "sustainable society" and "sustainable growth of the Resona Group".

We believe that taking the initiative in social contribution activities aimed at achieving a sustainable society as a good corporate citizen forms the basis of the Group's own sustainable growth.

Priority Areas of Social Contribution Activities

In November 2018, the Resona Group announced the Resona Sustainability Challenge 2030. This identifies four priority issues (materiality); namely, local communities, low birthrate and aging society, environment, and human rights, as environmental and social issues that we should prioritize.

These themes were identified through analysis of social and environmental issues including the SDGs, and were compared with our Corporate Mission and strengths. We also collected a wide range of feedback from all employees including top management.

Identification of Materiality (Material Issues)

Relationship between Social Contribution Activities and Business Strategy

Communities in the Tokyo metropolitan and Kansai areas form the main business base of the Resona Group.

Focusing on the four priority issues, we believe that contributing to the sustainable growth of local communities by utilizing our strengths and management resources in areas other than our core business, and collaborating and cooperating with local communities, including governments, NPOs, and communities, will provide the foundation for the sustainable growth of the Resona Group.

Relationship between Social Contribution Activities and Business Strategy

Main Initiatives

Re:Heart Club

Re:Heart Club is a volunteer group formed by Resona Group employees. It works on a diverse range of social contribution activities in hopes of realizing a better society.

Financial and Economic Education

We are working with local communities to provide financial and economic education for children in elementary, junior high and high schools who will be the leaders of the future generation.

Social Contribution Activities through Foundations

The Resona Group provides steady support to essential projects run by public interest incorporated foundations, which we consider as collaborators for promoting the Resona Group's SDGs efforts, while respecting the independence of each entity, through ongoing dialogue in search of enhanced collaboration.

Organization Name Activities
The Resona Foundation for Small and Medium Enterprise Promotion The Foundation provides award recognition of superior new technology and products via the Small and Medium Business Excellence in New Technology and Products Award and promotes industry-academia collaboration through technology-related social gatherings with the aim of contributing to technological advances in small and medium enterprises, and industrial and economic development in Japan.
The Resona Foundation for Asia and Oceania The Foundation hosts seminars, provides subsidies for research, and sponsors international exchange programs on environmental projects for protecting the natural environment with the aim of contributing to fostering peace and prosperity in Asia and Oceania as well as building friendly relations between Japan and these countries.
The Saitama Resona Foundation For Industrial and Economic Promotion With the purpose of contributing to the sound development of the industrial economy in Saitama Prefecture, the Foundation conducts various projects while striving to enhance functions to meet the needs of the government, small and medium-sized enterprises, and other fields.
The Resona Foundation for Future The Foundation provides essential support to develop human resources who will lead the next generation, and conducts a variety of initiatives, including support for children and their guardians with the goal of contributing to the development of the local community.
Kansai Mirai Bank Foundation for Greenery and Water The Foundation provides subsidies for greening promotion and water quality preservation activities, donation of saplings, and support on environmental education with the aim of contributing to the realization of a beautiful lake country blessed with green space and water.
Kansai Mirai Education and Culture Foundation The Foundation provides assistance to school education activities within Osaka Prefecture with the goal of contributing to the wholesome development of children and youth.
Hyogo Economic Research Institute With the goal of contributing to the wholesome development of the local community, the Foundation is involved in conducting surveys and research on economic, industrial and business management as well as regional development in Hyogo Prefecture, disclosure of the results, and various projects for industrial promotion within the prefecture.
Minato Bank Foundation for Culture The Foundation provides support on cultural and sports activities with the aim of contributing to cultural promotion in the local community and nurturing a lifestyle full of individuality among prefectural residents.
Minato Bank Scholarship Society With the goal of promoting education and fostering future leaders, the Foundation provides enrollment assistance to students enrolled in a university in Hyogo Prefecture, who possess academic excellence and good character, but who are faced with financial hardship that prevents them from enrolling.

Contributions in the International Community

Social Contribution Activities Overseas

Donation Program

Bank Resona Perdania has contributed to the development and improvement of education in Indonesia and deepened its interaction with local communities by donating funds to improve facilities and infrastructure at Bandung Japanese School and rebuild the Early Childhood Education Study Group (preschool) in Mauk District, Tangerang Regency, Banten.

Scholarship Program

Bank Resona Perdania provides scholarships to talented students of Darma Persada University.
Through these scholarships, the bank aims to send out a large number of excellent human resources to the world.

Financial Education Program

Bank Resona Perdania conducts a financial education program for junior and senior high school teachers and students, and even urban forest farmers. The program provides easy-to-understand explanations and clarification with the aim of increasing understanding and awareness of financial services in the digital banking era.

Environmental Protection Program

Bank Resona Perdania has an environmental protection program called "BRP(Bank Resona Perdania) Green Earth", where the Bank planted 2,000 mangrove seeds and 500 productive plant seeds in 4 urban forests in DKI Jakarta in November 2022. Through these activities, Bank Resona Perdania will actively work to protect the environment.


Hosting of Intern Trainees from Overseas Partner Banks

The Resona Group hosts training on Japanese banking operations for its partner banks. We have hosted a large number of intern trainees from partner banks in Asia, including Thailand, China, and Vietnam. During training, participants engage in active discussions. These activities help to increase the competitiveness of banks in Asia.


Tour of Saitama Resona Bank’s customer service center (for Bangkok Bank)


Training at the Resona Group Tokyo headquarters (for BIDV)