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Policy and Implementation Structure

Sustainability Policy

The Resona Group clearly states in its Corporate Mission that the Group aims to become a "financial services group full of creativity", that lives up to customers' expectations and prosper together with local communities. The Resona Way (Resona Group Corporate Promises) was developed to specify our Corporate Mission, and underline the importance of cherishing relationship and ties with customers and society.

Based on these statements, the Resona Group Sustainability Policy has been established as a basis to live up to the trust and expectations of the society, and thrive to achieve "resonance" between society's sustainability and the Resona Group's sustainable growth.

  1. 1.Promoting Sustainability through Business
The Resona Group shall endeavor to tackle relevant social and environmental issues through our business activities in order to realize a sustainable society. As a financial institution rooted in and supported by local communities, the Resona Group shall also thrive to realize the sustainability of our customers and local communities.
Through these efforts, the Resona Group aims to continuously create value for our stakeholders, and thus enhance our corporate value for sustainable growth.
  1. 2.Management Structure for Promoting Sustainability
The Resona Group's management shall be committed to promoting sustainability, and provide neccersary support to enhance sustainability through portfolio management, allocation of resources, and structure building.
  1. 3.Participation of all Employees and Dissemination of the Policy
All directors, executive officers and employees of the Resona Group shall actively engage in sustainability initiatives based on the Policy. The Resona Group shall provide training to all directors, executive officers and employees in order to raise awareness and understanding.
  1. 4.Engaging with Business Partners and Suppliers
The Resona Group shall strive to build constructive dialogues with business partners and suppliers, and a common understanding regarding importance of sustainability initiatives in the pursuit of realizing sustainability of society as a whole.
  1. 5.Building Mutual Trust with Society
The Resona Group shall conduct responsible business activities for all stakeholders through compliance with applicable laws, rules, and social norms. In our effort of becoming a trusted company, we shall disclose information in a transparent and easy-to-understand manner, and respond effectively to expectations and demands of society through continuous dialogues with various stakeholders.
  1. 6.Governance
The Resona Group shall conduct periodic review and oversight of the status of sustainability initiatives from a comprehensive viewpoint, and fulfill our accountability for stakeholders.

Sustainability Implementation Structure

The status of initiatives undertaken based on these policies provided by the Board of Directors is reported to the Board at least once a year, while matters deemed particularly important are reported to and discussed by it on an as necessary basis. In this way, we have secured a robust structure that ensures proper supervision over sustainability initiatives.

With outside directors constituting its majority, the Board of Directors engages in multifaceted discussion and reflects its conclusions in the Group’s business strategy, risk management and information disclosure.

In addition, the Group Sustainability Promotion Committee, chaired by the president of Resona Holdings, is tasked with exercising the consolidated supervision of and spearheading measures to address specific issues associated with sustainability and deemed important. Members of this committee include the presidents of Group banks and Resona Asset Management as well as the heads of the Corporate Administration Division and risk management divisions in addition to officers in charge of corporate and retail banking.

This committee also invites external specialists to contribute their opinions on diverse subjects, such as the direction and pace of the Group’s initiatives. These inputs are reflected in discussions undertaken by top management.

Moreover, the Group Human Rights Promotion Committee, a subcommittee under the Group Sustainability Promotion Committee, is charged with the consolidated management of important matters associated with human rights promotion among all Group employees.

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