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Initiatives for Human Rights

System for Human Rights Promotion

The Resona Group established the Human Rights Promotion Committee under the Group Sustainability Promotion Committee to raise awareness of human rights among all employees as a critical management issue. The Human Rights Promotion Committee conducts comprehensive reviews on topics such as human rights policy, domestic and global trends in human rights, and human rights issues at each Group company, and determines the basic policy on promotion of human rights, including training topics, for each fiscal year.
The Audit Committee member in charge of investigations (director) attends meetings of the committee.

In promoting human rights awareness activities, such as training, we have established a human rights awareness promotion system for each subsidiary, with a human rights awareness promoters assigned at each level of organization (head of organization) to carry out customized activities.

Examples of System for Human Rights Promotion Initiatives

The Resona Group has developed a system for all Group employees to take part in human rights training mainly through workplace training on a new theme each year for more in-depth understanding of the philosophy behind the Group's human rights policy and to raise their awareness towards human rights.

Workplace Training

Training focused on human rights promotion for all employees within the Group.

Effective period

Training topic




Understanding the Group’s revised human rights policy
Gender diversity as seen from sexual orientation



FY 2021

Understanding international human rights
LGBTQ human rights (diversity as seen from gender identification)



FY 2020

Exploring human rights based on COVID-19 discrimination
Understanding LGBT diversity (What is LGBTQ?)



FY 2019

Understanding developmental disabilities (focusing on reasonable accommodation)
LGBT human rights (outing)



FY 2018

Understanding developmental disabilities
LGBT human rights (Expectations for those who declared ALLY)



  • *Participants and Participation Rate are calculated from the data of Resona Holdings, Resona Bank, and Saitama Resona Bank

Human Rights Awareness Promoter Training (Training for Division and Branch General Managers)

Training is held once a year, for the human rights promotion officers (division and branch general managers) to learn about the latest trends in human rights issues and spearhead efforts in each workplace.

Segment-Specific Training

The Secretariat of the Human Rights Promotion Committee organizes training on human rights during segment-specific training, which includes new employee orientation and training for newly promoted managers. These sessions convey basic approaches to respecting human rights along with various forms of human rights knowledge.
Training on international standards on human rights is also included in new employee orientation.

Hiring Personnel Training

To ensure fair recruitment and hiring, every year we hold training for hiring personnel on fair selection criteria and methods along with various human rights knowledge.

Announcement of Human Rights Policy

We will do the following to ensure thorough dissemination of the Group's human rights policy to all employees.

  1. 1.Distribute messages from top management on human rights policy at workplace training targeting all employees.
  2. 2.Conduct human rights policy related training (questions and answers) through e-learning for all employees.
  3. 3.Discuss human rights policy at segment-specific training, including new employee orientation and training for newly promoted managers.

Initiatives to Foster Understanding of the LGBTQ Community

The Resona Group is working to foster workplaces and communities where people of all backgrounds, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identification, can thrive at work and in life.

As part of this, in FY2014 we held introductory training on the LGBT community for all employees, and since then we hold annual training sessions on specific themes such as Ally, outing and, what constitutes LGBTQ.

We strive to raise awareness of respecting the human rights of the LGBTQ community, as the learning materials used in in-house training are introduced at training conducted by government institutions.

In addition, as part of the Resona Group's social contribution activities, we encourage employees to participate in external events such as the Rainbow Parade, and we are also recruiting employees who are declared ALLY to affix ALLY stickers to their business attire.

Ally seal

Initiatives on Human Rights for Employees

Guidelines on Health Management

In "living up to customers' expectations" and "renovating its organization" as outlined in the our Corporate Mission, the Resona Group constantly works to promote the formation of a comfortable and healthy workplace as well as maintains and improves the health of employees both mentally and physically, aimed at the Group's further development.

The Resona Group’s banks employ industrial physicians along with industrial health staff, who carry out health guidance through patrols and monitoring, check the workplace environment and point out the need for improvements. They also work with health managers from each department and branch in an effort to improve the workplace environment to achieve even more employee-friendly workplaces.

With regard to health checkups, we not only implement legally mandated periodic checkups but also provide comprehensive medical checkups at Company-designated healthcare facilities to employees who are 35 years old and every two years starting from when employees turn 40 years old.

  Stress check uptake rate
FY2022 89.7%
FY2021 88.8%
  • *Resona Bank, Saitama Resona Bank

Consideration toward the Labor Environment

The relationships of the Resona Group with its employees and labor unions are stable.

Negotiations as well as discussions are held periodically regarding maintaining workplaces where employees find it easy to work, wages, labor conditions (including welfare benefits), and other matters.

Addressing All Forms of Harassment

To make the workplace comfortable and free of harassment, the Resona Group Action Principle, Resona Group Human Rights Policy, and Employment Regulations prohibit verbal and physical harassment along with all forms of discrimination.
Moreover, we have developed a Harassment Prevention Guidelines and in-house promotional materials to prevent all forms of harassment, which employees are made aware of. In 2022, we added customer harassment to the list of items and formulated a specific action policy.
To raise awareness, we conduct e-learning as part of our training for all employees, as well as training for department leaders and newly promoted managers on harassment using case studies and handling procedures for harassment reports. Furthermore, every quarter we send out “Harassment Correspondence” to all employees. We also conduct read-throughs of “The Don'ts,” which outlines undesirable behaviors, at each workplace, as part of our ongoing efforts to raise awareness toward prevention.
We also have set up a harassment hotline. The details of these consultations are strictly handled as confidential.
Through these efforts, we are committed to fostering an open and positive work environment.