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Diversity & Inclusion

  • Initiatives for Diversity & Inclusion
  • Initiatives for Empowering Our Diverse Workforce
  • Diverse Work-Styles and Work-Life Balance
  • Initiatives for Diversity & Inclusion

    Message from Management

    President and Representative Executive Officer Masahiro Minami

    In this era of rapid globalization and quickly evolving technology, proprietary products and services are becoming commoditized in the blink of an eye.

    In such a changing world, the Resona Group must constantly change, without being caught up in the past or certain ways of doing things, in order to continually provide new value that makes our customers happy.

    When people with the same thought process come together to tackle innovation, it is liable to result in innovation within the existing framework or status quo.

    By promoting diversity and inclusion, we will actively gain a new awareness through mutual respect within our diverse workforce and embracing the fact that different thought processes exist.

    The new ideas generated from this awareness will drive innovation, which will enable us to be a highly creative financial services company that is constantly evolving.

    President and Representative Executive Officer

    Masahiro Minami

    Resona's Vision for Diversity Management

    We are promoting diversity and inclusion as a mode of value creation driven through new awareness gained by having each and every employee understand, recognize and elevate different ways of thinking.

    Resona's Vision for Diversity Management

    Looking Back on Our Initiatives

    Following the injection of public funds, we made great strides in the promotion of diversity during our management reforms. The various personnel systems generated from the proposals of the Resona Women’s Council, which reports directly to management, helped to largely propel our promotion of women’s empowerment, and in recent years, we are working to realize diverse work-styles through the introduction of the Smart Employee System and other means.

    Looking Back on Our Initiatives
    • *1Resona Bank and Saitama Resona Bank
    • *2Resona Bank
    • *3Saitama Resona Bank

    Implementation Structure

    We have established a closely integrated implementation structure by creating diversity management offices or diversity management groups inside the Human Resources Division of Resona Holdings and Group banks.

    Regarding our initiatives for diversity, progress is reported to management and the board of directors regularly, and we are moving ahead based on their evaluations and views.

    Implementation Structure

    Initiatives for Raising Awareness

    Diversity Training for All Employees

    We provide diversity training to all employees and during each session the heads of each workplace provide commentary.

    FY2018 Generation gap and Importance of diversity promotion
    FY2019 Unconscious bias

    Iku-Boss E-learning for All Employees

    We provide Iku-Boss training through e-learning for all employees in order to increase understanding of what it means to be an Iku-Boss and foster the Iku-Boss of the future.

    • *Iku-Boss is a term coined in Japan that refers to managers who actively support their team members and their childcare needs, promoting the creation of a vibrant workplace that embraces diversity.

    Diversity Management Training for Managers

    We hold diversity management training for managers.During the sessions,participants engage in group work regarding human resources administration not influenced by such factors as gender nor age.

  • Initiatives for Empowering Our Diverse Workforce

    Initiatives for Empowering Women

    Resona Women’s Council

    In April 2005, the Resona Group established the Resona Women's Council, an advisory body reporting directly to management, with the goal of reflecting the voices of female employees in management. The council, comprised of around 20 female employees working at the Resona Group, has achieved a number of accomplishments to date that encourage long-term employment while advancing the career of women. These include improving the workplace environment, supporting work-life balance and aiding career development.

    Main accomplishments of the Resona Women’s Council

    • Enhanced Childcare Leave Program
    • Job Return System
    • Mentorship Program
    • System for Converting Employment Status*
    • Job Return Support System
    • *In 2015, we introduced the “Smart Employee” program where an employee can limit their working hours or the scope of their duties compared to others, and later we expanded this to a system enabling employees to switch between job types.

    Career Seminars for Female Employees

    We hold training and seminars for each position to foster career awareness.

    General managers

    Training / System name Details
    Mentorship Program Program for expanding the horizons of newly promoted female general managers


    Training / System name Details
    Women’s Leadership Training Leadership training for managerial appointees
    Networking Seminar Promotes exchanges and networking with role models
    (Implementing within each operational training and career training)

    Persons in charge

    Training / System name Details
    My Career Training Fosters career awareness for becoming a manager
    Career Design Forum Network building for cross-industry exchanges

    Challenges in Empowering Women and New Initiatives

    We established targets to reach a 30% or more ratio of female executives, a 20% or more ratio of female line mangers in senior manager positions at the Groups six companies*, and a 40% or more ratio of female line managers at the Group's six companies* (percentage of managers supervising others) by FY2030, representing a 10% increase over today. As of April 2021, the ratio of female line mangers in senior manager positions totaled 10.5% and the ratio of female line managers was at 29.7%. We will continue working toward achieving these new targets.

    In addition, regarding the ratio of female executives, in May 2019 our top management joined the 30% Club Japan, an initiative aiming to increase the representation of women in executive positions, and released a public commitment.

    • *Total for Resona Holdings, Resona Bank, Saitama Resona Bank, Kansai Mirai Financial Group, Kansai Mirai Bank and Minato Bank.

    Targets for Female Line Managers and Results

    Resona Holdings’ Board of Directors

    Male Female

    Board members






    As of June 23, 2021

    Initiatives for Promoting the Active Role of Seniors

    In April 2006, we introduced the Master Employees Program where employees who reach mandatory retirement age at Group companies can be rehired up to the age of 65. In October 2019, we increased this maximum age to 70. In addition, we introduced a selective retirement system in April 2021 enabling employees to report their retirement between the ages of 60 and 65. After retirement, employees may be rehired as Senior Smart employees up to the age of 70.
    By enabling employees to independently select their working style during their 60s based on work-life balance, we are striving to provide workplaces where they remain motivated to work by effectively utilizing their wealth of knowledge and skills.

    In FY2020, a total of 119 persons at Resona Bank and Saitama Resona Bank were rehired.

    Initiatives for Empowering People with Disabilities

    The Resona Group is working to create a "Workplace that is comfortable" where all employees can understand and acknowledge one another, make use of their abilities and play an active role. Following the enactment of Japan’s Act for Eliminating Discrimination Against People with Disabilities in April 2016, we held training on the theme human rights of people with disabilities for all employees, for all employees. In FY2018 and FY2019, we held training on understanding developmental disabilities, as part of our efforts to elevate employees’ awareness and understanding of the human rights of people with disabilities.

    In October 2021, Resona Holdings invested in Biwako Business Services, a subsidiary of the Kansai Mirai Financial Group that actively hires people with disabilities mainly in Shiga Prefecture, and changed its trade name to Resona Mi Rise Co., Ltd. with the goal of further accelerating the Group's initiatives for diversity and inclusion.
    By expanding its long-standing know-how in the hiring of people with disabilities to the entire Resona Group, we will work toward a more inclusive society with increased employment opportunities for people with disabilities and more appealing workplaces where everyone can feel a sense of purpose at work.

    Initiatives for Fostering Understanding and Supporting Sexual Minorities

    Every year we hold training on LGBT issues for all employees in order to deepen their understanding of the LGBT community.

    In addition, we called on all employees to become a LGBT ally. Many employees declared they are an ally and now they wear the Ally seal to show that they are an ally. Also, the Resona Group participates in Rainbow Pride Parades held in Tokyo and Osaka, and works to raise awareness about respecting the rights of LGBT.

    Ally seal

    Ally seal

    Local Employment Efforts

    Ratio of local employees

    Ratio of local employees

    Bank Resona Perdania has been hiring highly specialized personnel locally for many years since its establishment, taking into consideration of local customs and business characteristics.

    Also, Bank Resona Perdania is actively appointing well qualified local personnel to the management level to carry out management that is closely linked to the local community.

    For more information on recruitment activities at Bank Resona Perdania. please refer below.
    Bank Resona Perdania : Sustainability Report

    Ratio of local employees

    Ratio of local employees
  • Diverse Work-Styles and Work-Life Balance

    Supporting Employees to Balance Work and Childcare

    Resona Bank and Saitama Resona Bank have established a program for supporting employees’ return to work, including childcare leave, working reduced hours, and other similar programs along with various seminars. We are developing an environment for helping employees to strike a balance between work and childcare.

    To support employees’ long-term commitment to work, in addition to providing a program for working reduced hours until their child reaches the age of three, we introduced the System for Converting Employment Status that allows employees to temporarily change to Smart Employee” with limited working hours compared to other employees, from when their child turns three years of age until they complete the third grade. Also, for employees who resigned due to their family situation, the Group has introduced the Job Return system, which gives these employees the right to return to work as a Smart Employee. Through such initiatives, we are working to develop a workplace environment that supports diverse working styles.

    For employees returning to work before their child becomes the age of one, we pay an allowance for employees who returned from childcare leave early, regardless of gender, to encourage an early return to work.

    Each Resona Group company has acquired Platinum Kurumin or Kurumin for their various initiatives to support employees’ return to work.

    Ratio of Working Mothers
    Employees Taking Maternity / Childcare Leave

    First-Time Father and Mother Seminar - Programs for Childcare

    The First-Time Father and Mother Seminar is held for female employees prior to giving birth, men whose spouse will be having a child and their supervisors in order to make them aware of childcare related programs and foster understanding. At the same time as providing explanations about how to prepare for maternity leave or childcare leave, this seminar provides a venue to think about work-life balance, especially in terms of work and childcare, through the advice of senior colleagues. The seminar is now held using a teleconferencing system to increase participation, and from FY2017, we began streaming the seminar via our at-home learning system called Resona My Study.

    Job Return Support Seminars

    We host Job Return Support Seminars for employees on childcare leave to not only alleviate any concerns but also provide networking opportunities and maintain motivation. This is achieved by providing explanations of programs they can use after returning to work and any changes that may have taken place in their duties during their leave as well as by holding discussions or interactive talks with employees who have taken childcare leave before. Daycare for children is arranged so that all eligible employees can take part with peace of mind. In FY2020, we conducted the seminar online.

    Furthermore, to facilitate the return to work of employees on childcare leave, utilizing the monitoring room at the Kitaurawa Nishiguchi Branch of Saitama Resona Bank, we hold the interactive Re:Turn Support Session that allows employees to observe an actual workplace prior to their return.

    Job Return Support Seminar

    Job Return Support Seminar

    Temporary childcare service for Job Return Support Seminar

    Temporary childcare service for Job Return Support Seminar

    Next-Generation Development Support Guidebook and Work-Childcare Balance Support Guidebook

    We compiled the Next-Generation Development Support Guidebook that contains details on programs and procedures for childcare geared toward employees who will be having a child and their supervisors. In addition, we have compiled the Work-Childcare Balance Support Guidebook for promoting mutual understanding among employees, their supervisors and their colleagues, by providing hints about ways of thinking and behavior regarding pregnancy, giving birth, childcare and after returning to work.

    Work-Childcare Balance Career Interview Sheet

    We created this sheet to share information before and during childcare leave between the employee and their supervisor to promote in-depth discussions about their career, work-styles, and childcare needs after returning to work.

    Men’s Participation in Childcare

    Resona Bank and Saitama Resona Bank established the target to increase the acquisition rate of childcare related leave by men to 100% for the entire Group in their action plan following the Act on Promotion of Women's Participation and Advancement in the Workplace, based on the recognition that work-style improvement and changes in mindset are needed for promoting work-life balance, including among male employees. We achieved this target in FY2017.

    FY2016 FY2017 FY2018 FY2019 FY2020
    Ratio of employees taking spousal maternity leave






    Ratio of men taking childcare leave






    Challenges Involving the Participation of Men in Childcare and New Initiatives

    Joining the Iku-Boss Corporate Alliance
    Joining the Iku-Boss Corporate Alliance

    Since male employees tend to take somewhat shorter periods of childcare leave compared to female employees, we need to establish programs easily accessible to male employees and further promote an environment that encourages them to take advantage of these programs.

    As the initiative to address this challenge, we held the Work-Style Reform and Iku-Boss Seminar for the heads of all workplace in FY2018. Subsequently, they and top management made an Iku-Boss declaration. This visualizes their commitment to support the work-life balance of their subordinates and to create a workplace environment where both men and women can share the responsibilities of work and the household. For men who will be having a child with their spouse, their supervisor provides them with the Maternity Leave Preparation Book for Papa, and encourages them to take childcare leave.

    In addition, in FY2018 Resona Holdings joined the Iku-Boss Corporate Alliance. We are now working to develop Iku-Boss with an understanding of work-life balance.

    Joining the Iku-Boss Corporate Alliance

    Support for Balancing Work and Family Care

    Since we expect an increase in employees with concerns about family care in the future, we are working to create programs that enable flexible work-styles and ensure these programs are easy to access.

    We reviewed and expanded our family care related programs following revisions to Japan’s Family Care Leave Act in July 2017. Employees can take family care leave up to one full year, while there is no cap on the number of times they can take this leave as long as it adds up to one year. Resona Bank and Saitama Resona Bank offer a program for working reduced hours program, and employees who want to reduce their work burden can use the System for Converting Employment Status where they can switch temporarily from employee to Smart Employee or Partner Employee.

    We compiled the Work-Family Care Balance Support Guidebook that contains simple and clear information on Japan’s nursing care insurance system and the family care programs accessible at the company. At the same time as informing employees, every year we hold the Family Care Seminar in order to alleviate concerns employees have about family care through information provision, and prepare them for balancing work and family care. In addition, we set up a Family Care Concierge Desk during the Family Care Seminar where we accept individual consultations.

    Work-Style Reform and Work-Life Balance

    We are working to increase productivity and to expand options for diverse work-styles in order to increase competitiveness by maintaining and improving organizational strengths. This is achieved by developing an environment where everyone can thrive professionally, regardless of time or other constraints. We have introduced a variable working hours program for all employees to ensure flexible work-styles tailored to the individual needs for balancing work and family life. In addition, under certain conditions, employees have access to work-styles tailored to their job, by using the discretionary labor system or flex-time system. In 2017, we introduced a telework program and in 2019 we introduced satellite offices, as a way to expand support for balancing work with childcare or family care, and offering more flexible workplaces.

    We introduced Smart Day, which takes place once a month, where employees are encouraged to leave work at 3:00pm or take a half day or full-day of paid vacation. All employees are also expected to leave work by 7:00pm every work day. Other measures include handing out cards with the planned time of leaving work that day and using stopwatches for meetings at all offices. Through these efforts, we aim to improve work-life balance while boosting the efficiency of our day-to-day operations. We commend examples where work-style reform has made considerable contributions to improving brand power, with the unique initiatives of each business location shared within the Group for rollout.