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Initiatives for Normalization

We promote initiatives for normalization with the goal of ensuring all customers, from people with disabilities to the elderly and expectant mothers, can visit our branches with peace of mind and receive the same highly convenient services.

Priority ATMs and Priority Seating

We have installed priority ATMs and priority seating in many of our staffed branches that are reserved for people with disabilities, the elderly, and expectant mothers.

ATMs for People with Visual Impairments

We are in the process of installing ATMs for people with visual impairments that feature a special handset (receiver with a keypad) added to a normal ATM. Customers with a visual impairment can listen to voice guidance using this handset and then carry out their banking with the push of a button.

Improving Accessibility for People with Disabilities

We received feedback from customers using wheelchairs that our cash withdrawal envelops at ATMs were located too high and were inaccessible. In response, we created a specialized cash withdrawal envelop box and installed in at priority ATMs located at our branches.

Deposit Transaction Notification Service in Braille

Resona Bank and Saitama Resona Bank provide a free service at branches to customers with a visual impairment where braille is used to notify them of their banking transactions.

Communication Boards

We have installed communication boards at our branches. These boards are used as a tool for customers with communication concerns to point at illustrations to convey the purpose of their visit. The illustrations also contain English for use by foreign national customers who don’t speak Japanese.

Simple Digital Writing Pads and Wireless Vibrating Pagers

We have placed digital writing pads at teller windows in our branches.
In addition, Saitama Resona Bank has wireless vibrating pagers at its branches that are used to notify elderly customers with trouble hearing or customers with a hearing impairment about their place in line for bank teller services.

Assignment of Dementia Supporters

We have assigned dementia supporters at each of our branches to improve access to financial services, deepen understanding about dementia in an aging society, and foster an environment in the community where people with dementia can live with peace of mind.


We have installed automated external defibrillators (AEDs) at all of our staffed branches. Employees that have taken a class on first aid, including how to use an AED, are assigned to each branch to ensure a prompt response should a customer or other employee require first aid. AEDs are also installed in the vestibule of certain branches to allow anyone to use them on holidays or at night when the branch is not staffed.

Braille Calendar

Every year since 1982, we have created braille calendars and donated them to social welfare associations for people with visual impairments and special needs schools in communities nationwide in Japan, in order to make life more convenient for people with visual impairments.
From 2014, the calendars incorporate Resonya, Resona’s feline communication mascot, and provide information on monthly events in braille for a seasonal feel.