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CSR Results and Assessment

CSR Goals, Results and Assessment for Fiscal Year 2016 by each issue of the Resona Group CSR policy.

Item Assessment Standard (for goals set in the beginning of the term)
  • Specific goals were set and achieved.
  • Specific results were accomplished.
  • Initiatives were implemented. (No specific numbers or results)
  • Goals were not achieved, but results were better than the previous fiscal year.
  • Goals were not achieved.

Corporate Governance

Information Disclosure

FY2016 Goal FY2016 Result Assessment
  • Establish a wide range of opportunities for discussion with shareholders.
  • Based on items that Investors are interested in, work to improve disclosure materials.
  • Issue an integrated report that integrates financial and non-financial information.
  • 320 meetings were held with investors and other stakeholders throughout FY2016.
  • Dialogs with investors were held to gain better understanding of their interests and continue on providing useful IR materials.
  • The “Integrated Report” which consolidates financial and non-financial information was published in July 2016.
  • Further opportunities for communication with individual shareholders, develop their understanding of the Resona Group, and increase the number of long term shareholders.
  • Strive for timely information disclosure, and deliver more appropriate and easily understandable information.
  • Investor seminars were held in Tokyo, Osaka and Saitama. 1,958 customers attended, and through dialog with the management group, a forum to deepen shareholder understanding of the Resona Group was created.
  • Timely and easily understandable information was disseminated through the biannual publication of the Group Report “Resona Today,” and utilization of the Resona website.

System Construction

FY2016 Goal FY2016 Result Assessment

Use the Board of Directors assessment results to further improve the effectiveness of the Resona Group’s corporate governance, focused on the Board of Directors.

Initiatives were undertaken to enable the Board of Directors to operate in an effective manner by discussing the proposed agenda items before the Board meeting, and creating an agenda schedule. Presenting the opinions of outside directors to Board members and relevant managers in preliminary explanatory meetings prior to the Board Meetings resulted in more effective explanations and discussions being held at the Board Meetings.

Risk Management

FY2016 Goal FY2016 Result Assessment

In addition to providing high-quality services to customers, maintain the soundness of management by working to prevent risks before they emerge.

While providing high-quality service to customers, sound management continued to be maintained based on appropriate risk management and operations including measures preventing risks before they emerge that could impact management soundness, and limiting primary risks to within the scope of core self-owned capital.

Human Rights

Human Rights Awareness, Respect for Human Rights

FY2016 Goal FY2016 Result Assessment

Encourage more thorough implementation of the Human Rights Policy.

  • Create and implement measures for more solid implementation
  • An explanation of the Human Rights Policy, focused on items for improvement from FY2015, was provided to all employees through training videos presented in departments and branches.
  • An explanation of the Resona Group’s Human Rights Policy was included without fail in both new employee training and new manager training, and the relationship to the Human Rights Policy was outlined in all employee communications that referenced human rights, such as the “Solicitation for the Human Rights Awareness Motto.”

Improve human rights training.

  • Provide effective study materials for training in departments and branches.
  • Strengthen training to prevent harassment.
  • Devise further awareness activities for respecting human rights of LGBT people.
  • Revise teaching materials on intranet.
  • Human rights training videos were created for all employees (“Recent Trends in Human Rights – (1) Legal Reform Trends Regarding Human Rights, (2) The Human Rights of Foreign Workers”), and training was conducted for all employees.
  • Workplace training (discussion based format), including “Harassment Prevention” e-learning (Power Harassment, Sexual Harassment, 1 session each), and a sexual harassment training video, were held to prevent a wide range of harassment and create an open work environment without harassment.
  • In the aforementioned human rights awareness educational material, an explanation was provided on the importance of LGBT human rights in-line with the movement legalizing the security of LGBT human rights.
  • Elements of the human rights awareness material that had been published on the intranet (“What Are Human Rights?”, “The Dowa Issue”, and “The Human Rights of Ethnic Koreans in Japan”, etc.) were improved to be easier to understand.


FY2016 Goal FY2016 Result Assessment

Enhance efforts for normalization, in order to establish branches and services which all customers can use with ease.

  • Work to improve 3 or more services.
  • Make progress in branch facilities.

New branches: ※Excludes branches where efforts were implemented before move

  • Barrier-free conversion: 2 branches (Kinki Osaka Bank)
  • Voice guidance system implementations: 2 branches (Resona Bank)
  • New elevator installations: 1 branch (Saitama Resona Bank)

Efforts were made to branches and services that can be used by all customers with ease.

New branches: ※Excludes branches where efforts were implemented before move

  • Barrier-free conversion: 2 branches (KO: Suminodo Branch, Abeno Branch)
  • Voice guidance system implementations: 2 branches (RB: Koenji Branch, Waseda Branch)
  • New elevator installations: 1 branch (SR: Higashi Urawa Branch)

Widely communicate examples of normalization initiatives, and create environments that encourage customers to use branch facilities and services.

Examples of our initiatives were published on our homepage and other outlets. We thereby sought wide recognition of our initiatives.


Diversity Promotion

FY2016 Goal FY2016 Result Assessment
  • Develop the workforce needed to achieve the target of having 30% of management positions filled by women by 2020.
  • Employ at least the percentage of employees with disabilities that is required by law (2.0%).
  • Strengthen efforts to devise systems for employees of middle-to-advanced age to be able to continue working actively.
  • Through the continuous implementation of training and seminars which sought to alter perceptions towards career improvement and support new mindsets, the percentage of women in management roles is now 24.5%. To support the development of female managers, a mentoring system, women’s leadership training, networking seminars, motivation-up training, and inter-departmental exchange events are being implemented.
  • Regarding the employment of people with disabilities, based on the “Group-wide Calculation Exception,” the number of employees with disabilities is maintained above 2.0%.
  • A range of measures are being developed to support the increased activity of middle-to-advanced age employees, and a composite support system covering systematic and perception aspects has been established. Through the “Meister System (a model for certifying veteran employees)” launched in FY2015, 10 members throughout the Resona Group were newly certified in FY2016, including the first female Meister.
  • As part of the Resona Foundation for Future, study and prepare measures to provide career improvement support for single mothers.
  • Measures were being considered for a start in October 2017.
  • Promote housing loans for women. (+50 billion yen)
  • Promote reverse mortgage housing loans for the elderly. (+3 billion yen)
  • “Rin-next” –the housing loan for women has provided 69 billion yen.
  • “Anshin Kakumei”–The reverse mortgage for the elderly, has provided 1.4 billion yen.

Work-Life Balance Promotion

FY2016 Goal FY2016 Result Assessment
  • Develop environment to support coexistence of work with child raising and care giving, etc.
  • In addition to fundamental operational reform to raise productivity, encourage employees to go home earlier and take vacations, etc., thereby raising awareness for better work-life balance.
  • As a support measure for the coexistence of work and life events, a variety of guide books have been prepared, contents of seminars have been reviewed, and measures, such as promoting the use of parental leave among men to encourage male employees to take part in the planning, have been implemented.
  • Seminars held which support the coexistence of work and home life include the Pre-Mother Seminar, the Supporting Return to Work Seminar, the Working Mother Seminar and the Parental Caretaking Seminar.
  • A range of measures were implemented to enhance work-life balance, including reform of company entry and exit time rules, and the expansion of vacation day use. An average of 6 minutes earlier daily return time was achieved for the working time outside of standard hours for the 3 banks.
  • A “Working-Style Reform Seminar” was held for organizational heads, which promoted an understanding of the significance and importance of seeking productivity improvement and a work-life balance.

Develop Abilities of Employees

FY2016 Goal FY2016 Result Assessment
  • Work to improve training and education programs. Develop human resources with the necessary abilities from the customer's viewpoint.
  • Expand and improve various initiatives to support employees' career formation, and use a home study system, etc., to actively deliver information, thereby supporting various ways of working and independent abilities development.
  • Training and educational programs were reviewed with the goal of developing human resources which truly achieve the motto “The customer’s happiness is Resona’s happiness.” Additionally, a total revision of the “Skill-up Navigation” system which independently implements the PDCA cycle in education was conducted.
  • Finely-tuned career development support measures were continuously implemented and tailored to the various stages of the employee’s life, such as for young people, women, and middle-to-advanced age.
  • The features and contents of the home study program “MyStudy” were improved and enhanced to support the self-directed ability development of employees taking a leave of absence, and facilitate their smooth return to the workplace.


Thorough and Widespread Compliance

FY2016 Goal FY2016 Result Assessment

Through various training activities on the Conduct Guidelines, work to further improve the compliance awareness of executives and employees. Survey employee awareness to measure effectiveness, and work to improve issues.

Efforts were made through various training activities to achieve a thorough understanding of the action policy among executives to improve compliance awareness. Furthermore, an employee survey was conducted to assess how widespread compliance awareness is among employees.

Prevent Transactions with Antisocial Forces

FY2016 Goal FY2016 Result Assessment

Strengthen the alerting of customers at counters, countermeasures against the illicit use of internet banking, and the financial crime prevention system.

While undertaking measures to prevent the improper use of internet banking, cooperation with the police was enhanced, and proactive confirmation activities with customers to prevent fraud were continued.

Consumer Issues/Customer Service

Strengthen Communication with Customers

FY2016 Goal FY2016 Result Assessment

Implement at least 3 service improvement initiatives based on opinions and requests of customers.

Issues Improved

  • Automatic recovery from magnetic cash card errors at ATMS
  • Display ATM usage fees on a separate screen for customers
  • Expand the real-time provisioning of cash cards at branches

Hold 6 or more periodic seminars to create a forum for communication, not only between the bank and customers, but also between customers themselves.

6 seminars were held during the year. Events were also held to encourage open dialogue among customers, such as an open innovation seminar, business negotiation session, and a seminar & monitor session.

Improve Products and Services

FY2016 Goal FY2016 Result Assessment
  • Aim to improve customer satisfaction assessments by external surveyors.
  • Carry out role-playing exercises at each location.

Nikkei Financial Institution Ranking

  • Resona Bank: Rank 20 -> Rank 11
  • Saitama Resona Bank: Rank 5 -> Rank 11
  • Kinki Osaka Bank: Rank 26-> Rank 28

Implementation of role-playing exercises

  • Resona Bank: A role-playing tournament was held as a forum to share initiatives in the various main branches (Regional block qualifying round -> East / West tournament -> National Tournament)
  • Saitama Resona Bank: A roleplaying tournament was held as an opportunity to “learn, notice and be stimulated” towards the realization of becoming the “bank and staff member that is chosen” (5 tournaments were held in the central, west, east, north, and Saitama Business Headquarters)
  • Kinki Osaka Bank:
    1.) Strengthening activities carried out in which all employees participate in the planning of monthly roleplaying activities seeking to realize even more practical roleplaying sessions. (May 2016 – February 2017)
    2.) A roleplaying tournament was held in the Lobby Concierge Training forum (held twice in FY2016)
  • Use capital investment interviews to quickly handle capital funding needs. (Once per year)
  • Hold 12 business talks etc. per year, to actively support the main business of a customer.
  • A capital investment interview was held
  • 7 business talks were held during the year. Business talks were held inviting a wide range of buyer firms, outside of product sales, including manufacturing oriented business talks.
  • Use seminars to provide appropriate advice for stable asset formation of customers. (100 seminars)
  • 113 seminars were held for customers
  • In accordance with the spirit of fiduciary duty, provide new investment products and services that meet customer needs
  • Service was launched for the “Resona Fund Wrap” investment product, which offers appropriate capital allocations based on customer needs (February 2017).
    Over 10,000 applications have been received through March 31, 2017.


Revitalization of the local economy

FY2016 Goal FY2016 Result Assessment

Contribute to local community revitalization through cooperation with guarantee associations, etc. Funding balance that contributes to local community revitalization: Increase by 10% compared to the previous fiscal year.

A contribution was made to the revitalization of local communities through a funding balance of 29.341 billion yen (8.1% increase compared to the previous year)

Follow the execution progress of the local versions of the Comprehensive Strategy created by each local government. In addition, continue to offer our company's solution functions such as PPP and PFI for the formulation and execution of the Comprehensive Management Plan for Public Facilities, etc., in which review methods for public facilities and infrastructure, etc., is required.

  • In FY2016, Resona Bank, Saitama Resona Bank, and Kinki Osaka Bank held the “Regional Creation Conference” twice, and confirmation of the state of progress and collaboration were carried out in the implementation of the local versions of the Comprehensive Strategy.
  • Resona Bank cooperates with the Osaka Public Affairs Department, which serves as the center of advancing transactions with regional public institutions, and is following up with the formulation and concrete advancement of the designated financial institution of the regional public institution’s “Comprehensive Management Plan for Public Facilities,” and will continue its proactive participation.

Community Volunteer Activities by Employees

FY2016 Goal FY2016 Result Assessment

Increase activities by stimulating Re:Heart Club activities. 10% increase from previous year (activities & donations)

Participants in monthly donation programs increased, and the number of activities decreased. FY2015 -> 5539 people FY2016 -> 5914 people +375 people

FY2015 -> 435 activities FY2016 -> 286 activities (reduced by 149 activities)

Cooperation with NGOs/NPOs

FY2016 Goal FY2016 Result Assessment

Work to solve social issues in cooperation with society.

Outdoor activities were carried out with single-parent households in cooperation with organizations such as YMCA, a Public Interest Foundation Corporation, and National Federation of Single Parents and Children's Welfare Associations in Japan, a General Foundation Corporation.

Nurturing the Next Generation

FY2016 Goal FY2016 Result Assessment
  • Enhance the financial education curriculum, to assist the independence of children.
  • Develop the scholarship system in the Resona Foundation for Future.
  • Considerations were made for a new curriculum and a trial run implemented. Going forward, it will be improved towards actual utilization.
  • The “Resona Kids' Money Academy” won the corporate recognition award for promoting youth experiential activities, the “Judging Committee Honorable Mention Award” in the “Corporate Philanthropy Contest” of the Corporate Philanthropy Association.
  • Scholarships were launched for high-school students from single-parent households.

Succession for Assets and Business

FY2016 Goal FY2016 Result Assessment

In order to offer the Resona Group's problem-solving methods that utilize financial trusts to more customers, work to expand and improve agency sales contracts, and sign 3 or more new agency agreements.

3 new agency agreements were signed.

  • By speedy and detailed handling of diversifying inheritance needs, increase number of testamentary trust customers to 16,000.
  • Work on inter-generational asset succession utilizing Junior NISA, and for customers' stable asset formation. (100,000 Junior NISA accounts)
  • Testamentary trusts were formed with 16,255 customers
  • Number of Junior NISA accounts: 2,130


Environmental Business Promotion

FY2016 Goal FY2016 Result Assessment

Aim for 7 billion yen balance of environment-related investments (environmental measures funds, etc.). (20 consultation reception entries)

Balance as of March 31, 2017: 123.5 billion yen (Achievement ratio: 176.6%) (Total consultation reception entries for FY2016: 564)

  • Encourage environmentally friendly housing loan products. (+3 billion yen)
  • Encourage online loan contracts. (30% more than previous fiscal year)
  • “Haretara Ii Ne Housing Loan” –the loan that provides compensation for homeowners who installed solar panels for insufficient sunlight, achieved 6.3 billion yen
  • Loan contracts concluded online: 46%

Environmental Burden Reduction Initiatives

FY2016 Goal FY2016 Result Assessment
  • Raise environmental awareness among employees.
  • CO2 emissions: Reduce by 7% compared to FY2009 levels.
  • Photocopying-paper purchases: Reduce by 3% compared to the FY2015 level.
  • Environmental training was implemented across the entire company through e-learning
  • One day a month was set at all branches per group to promote employees leaving work early.
  • CO2 emission: 26.1% reduction from FY2009
  • Photocopying-paper purchases: 32.7% reduction from FY2015

Environment-Related Social Contribution Activities

FY2016 Goal FY2016 Result Assessment

Increase number of volunteers in cleanup and tree planting activities.

Volunteers participating in cleanup and tree planning activities 2015 -> 1459 people FY2016 -> 1782 people +323 people

Consider Investment Recipients' Impacts on the Environment and Society

FY2016 Goal FY2016 Result Assessment

Provide and thoroughly follow guidelines set in the “Environmental risk assessment procedures for large projects.”

Monitoring was carried out on 369 candidates for the environmental risk assessment procedures in FY2016, and the appropriate response was confirmed to be carried out for the 51 projects within the scope of confirmation for environmental impact.