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Long-Term Sustainability Targets

Resona Holdings and Kansai Mirai Financial Group respectively formulated Long-Term Sustainability Targets covering three categories that build on the "Resona Sustainability Challenge 2030."

1.Retail Transition Financing Target

Cumulative total of transition financing from FY2021 to FY2030: ¥10 trillion
Priority Themes Local Communities, Low Birthrate and Aging Society, Environment, Human Rights (Diversity & Inclusion)
Financing Coverage Financing aimed at helping retail customers update their awareness, transform their modes of behavior and stably move forward from their current situation. (Including financing for such green projects as renewable energy generation, as well as large corporate financing involving third-party verification)

Through supply chains, our retail customers are being affected by spillover from the efforts of large corporations striving to accelerate SX initiatives like the pursuit of carbon neutrality. Also, the status of sustainability efforts undertaken by SMEs and the management resources they can afford to allocate to such efforts vary greatly by company. Accordingly, we recognize that our solution lineup must be diverse and capable of assisting each SME seeking to push ahead with sustainability initiatives according to their current situation. The Resona Group maintains robust transactions with both large corporations and retail customers, while Resona Asset Management, a subsidiary functioning as an institutional investor and undertaking stewardship initiatives for many years, lends specialist strength to the Group. Drawing on these business assets, we will strive to engage in in-depth dialogue with retail customers with regard to the possible risks and opportunities they are exposed to due to the accelerating trend toward SX. In these ways, we will step up the provision of solutions designed to help these customers stably move forward toward the resolution of issues they are currently confronting.

Retail Transition Financing Target Image

The Resona Group’s Sustainability Solutions

The Resona Group’s Sustainability Solutions Image

2.Carbon Neutrality Target for the Group

Reduce CO2 emissions*1 attributable to energy used by the Group to Net Zero by the end of fiscal 2030 via the proactive switchover to renewable energy
Priority Themes Environment

As Japan’s national target of achieving carbon neutrality by the end of 2050 requires across-the-board efforts involving both the private and public sectors, it is expected that in regions nationwide, businesses and municipalities will act in close collaboration to help achieve this target in accordance with the May 2021 enforcement of the revised Act on Promotion of Global Warming Countermeasures. As a member of society, the Resona Group will strive for the earlier realization of carbon neutrality in terms of emissions attributable to its operations, with the intention of contributing to the realization of carbon neutrality and the popularization of renewable energy in the regional communities in which it operates.

Volume of CO2 Emissions from the Resona Group’s Operations

Volume of CO2 Emissions from the Resona Group’s Operations Image

Renewable Energy Introduction Status

Considering that most CO2 emissions from the Resona Group’s operations are attributable to its energy use, the Group intends to introduce renewable energy for use at key facilities run by Group companies in FY2021.
In light of these initiatives, we expect the Group’s annual volume of CO2 emissions to decrease by 4,331 tons.
Looking ahead, we will work to introduce renewable energy from carbon-free sources and otherwise procure carbon-free energy, with priority on energy-intensive facilities.

Facilities introducing renewable energy Osaka Head Office of Resona Group Head Office of Saitama Resona Bank Biwako Building of Kansai Mirai Bank Head Office of Minato Bank
Estimated reduction in CO2 emissions volume/year

△2,325 t-CO2

△1,300 t-CO2

△146 t-CO2

△560 t-CO2

Timing of introduction

Aug. 2021

Jun. 2021

Jun. 2021

Aug. 2021

3.Targets for the Empowerment and Promotion of Women at the Group

Achieve the ratios presented below for the representation of women in various positions, an increase of 10% or more from the current levels, by the end of fiscal 2030
〈Ratio of female Directors and Executive Officers at Resona Holdings: 30% or more〉
〈Ratio of female senior managers at six Group companies: 20% or more*3〉
〈Ratio of female line managers at six Group companies: 40% or more*3〉
Priority Themes Local Communities, Low Birthrate and Aging Society, Environment, Human Rights (Diversity & Inclusion)

The Group’s ongoing efforts related to the empowerment and promotion of women began with a strong belief held by deceased former Chairman Eiji Hosoya that “Diversity is an important element of a sound organization. New ideas often come from an encounter between individuals with differing values.”
The Resona Group aims to deliver new value on an ongoing basis to customers seeking to achieve SX in the wake of a progressing structural change toward the realization of a sustainable society.
Accordingly, we deem it important to constantly take on the challenge of innovation that questions past experience and conventional norms.
Having made Kansai Mirai Financial Group (KMFG) a wholly owned subsidiary in April 2021, the Resona Group has placed ever stronger focus on empowering women to serve as a driving force of value creation. Building on the outcomes of our empowerment efforts thus far, which have proven effective in terms of equipping the Group with new strength, we will promote innovation via the incorporation of unconventional ideas. We will thus work to create new value on diverse fronts, with the aim of realizing our vision.

Targets for the Empowerment and Promotion of Women at the Group Image

4.Other Initiatives

The Resona Group establishes an action plan and discloses progress ever year as part of its PDCA cycle for evaluating the progress of Resona Sustainability Challenge 2030 (SDGs Commitment) and Long-Term Sustainability Targets aimed at fulfilling the Resona Group's vision for the future.

2021 Action Plan 2020 Action Plan
  • *1SCOPE 1 and SCOPE 2
  • *2Calculated by retrospectively incorporating CO2 emissions from precursors of KMFG and its subsidiaries prior to management integration and aggregating SCOPE 1 and 2 CO2 emissions from Group banks based on methods stipulated by Japan’s Energy Saving Act for statutory periodic reporting. CO2 emissions attributable to fuel consumption by Company-owned cars are determined via a simplified calculation method using the Group’s annual fuel costs and publicized figures for the annual and national average price of gasoline and the emissions coefficient.
  • *3Sum of Resona Holdings, Resona Bank, Saitama Resona Bank, Kansai Mirai Financial Group, Kansai Mirai Bank and Minato Bank